Photography is my passion, it always has been. From the year I finally received the camera I begged my parents for, there was no turning back. I was seven, and it was a Polaroid (for the record). My first photo ever is above. How do I know? Because I wrote right on the image. My "Daddy and David" (older brother) on Christmas morning. At least I waited to until they were dressed! My passion for photography has not minimized in all these years.

My specialty is portraiture. Families, couples, children, seniors. You name it I've got some great ideas! Portraits are personalized and I will work to achieve a natural look. We will have a great time during your portrait session! I also work as an Early Childhood Educator. I'm fantastic with kids, and will do whatever it takes to get that natural smile, lets be goofy and have some fun.

I feel compelled to capture my world through the lens no matter where I am. I also have some landscape/art photographs up for sale on my site. Many of them are from my area, but there are also some showing my travels. I hope you like them.

I worked hard to achieve my B.F.A degree in Photography. I will use my knowledge and training in photography to bring you some wonderful images, capturing special moments in time.